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About Us

Welcome to PropertyPulse.Asia – your reliable resource for investing in properties throughout Asia. We are Nicholas Foo and Tommy Koh, digital agency owners who believe in accurate and reliable information.

Our Story

Our journey into property investment began long before this website was created. Nicholas was raised in a family that invested in properties across Malaysia and Australia and has since developed a keen interest in from young. Capitalizing on ultra-low interest rates, Tommy bought his first commercial property in 2020 for $600,000.

However, we noticed that property investors lacked reliable, data-driven resources. As we frequently conversed with developers and top real estate agents, we were frustrated by the number of gimmicks and inauthentic marketing strategies to attract buyers. We were thus motivated to create an alternative — a platform that provides dependable, accurate data to help investors make informed decisions.

Our Mission

With PropertyPulse.Asia, we aim to fill this gap, creating a platform that is reliable, unbiased, and always backed by accurate data. We believe in empowering investors to make smart decisions by providing comprehensive and trustworthy information about property investment opportunities throughout Asia.

The principles we follow are simple. Authenticity, transparency, and accurate data are important to us. Our goal is to help potential investors navigate the vast landscape of Asian property investment, giving them a reliable resource they can trust.

With our venture beyond Singapore, we’re gathering and sharing reliable information about properties throughout Asia. Our users can capitalize on great investment opportunities for impressive capital gains and rental yields.

Join Us On This Journey

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a newcomer to property investment, we’re here to help you navigate the Asian property market with confidence. Join us at PropertyPulse.Asia, where we feel the pulse of Asian property investment, one data point at a time.

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Nicholas Foo

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